Favorite Subject: Gym
Life Goal: Be an NFL lineman for
the New England Patriots!!!
Favorite Food: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!
Favorite Sport: Football
Interests: NFL, Summer vacation!
Biggest Fear: Math class
Quote: “Is it Friday yet?”
What are you most proud of: “One time I ate fifteen pieces of pizza at lunch without throwing up! … and I can tackle three guys at the same time on the football field!”
VOL.4, (september)

TT: [Treewiddle Tribune] Hello, Rudo. Let’s start by you telling us a bit about yourself.
RUDO: Ok. My name is Rudo, which is short for Rudolph. I hate my real name so everybody just calls me Rudo. I love football season and lunchtime. I hate math: don’t understand it at all. I love hanging out with my friends at the Treewiddle Youth Center, and someday I’m going to play football for the New England Patriots!

TT: You’re Treewiddle’s best athlete. What do you think makes you so good at sports?
RUDO: I love contact! I love running around and hitting people — it’s fun. I love it almost as much as I love pizza … Hitting people almost never happens in baseball – I play catcher, by the way – but at least I get to hit the ball !

TT: I guess you spend a lot of time in the gym?
RUDO: Oh, yea! I love lifting weights. My friends don’t like it as much as I do but that’s probably why I’m better at sports than they are.

TT: List two strengths and explain each one.
RUDO: Well, it might sound funny, but one strength of mine is my strength; I’m really strong. The other strength would be … um … ah … ummm … that I’m a good person. There are some jerks in this school but I’m not one of them.

TT: Do you think the school give you too much homework? How much do you think they should give?
RUDO: I think ANY homework is too much homework! I wish we could just go to school. Why do we have to have to do homework when we’re not at school? It’s stupid. After school I’d rather be doing anything than stuff that reminds me of school.

TT: What would you say makes a good teacher?
RUDO: Someone who makes learning fun. That way it doesn’t seem so boring. Some teachers are so boring I can barely stay awake. You should ask Holiday this question; he’s smart.

TT: Can you describe one time where you acted as a leader?
RUDO: Well, I’m captain of our football team and I tell everybody what to do and stuff. But I was also the leader of a Treewiddle Valley Soap Box Derby team. I built the car and my friends and I raced it in the race, but we didn’t win.

TT: What do you think about kids your age smoking cigarettes, using alcohol or drugs?
RUDO: You can’t be great at sports if you smoke and do drugs, so I don’t do those. Sometimes I see kids smoking but I don’t hang out with any of them. Most people think they’re stupid anyways.

TT: Describe your philosophy of life, if you have one?
RUDO: Be happy! … and don’t be like my friend Winslow. Ha!-Ha!-HA!-HA!!!

TT: Thank you, Rudo. You seem like a very nice young man. Best of luck this year.
RUDO: Thank you! You’re not so bad yourself!! … please don’t tell Winslow I said for nobody to be like him.”

TT: It will be our secret.
RUDO: Thanks!

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