Favorite Subject: no favorite
Life Goal: catch computer hackers!
Favorite Food: Falafel wraps
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Interests: Computers and Internet
Biggest Fear: Sunburns
Quote: “Everybody calm down!”
What are you most proud of: “Since I’ve been running the Treewiddle Tribune website it’s never crashed or suffered data loss. This summer Conrad and I gamed online for twenty-six hours straight without sleeping.”
VOL.4, (september)

TT: [Treewiddle Tribune] Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
HOLIDAY: Sure! I like it here at Treewiddle Elementary but it can get kinda’ crazy. I think the craziness comes from my friends most of the time though: Conrad is an emotional mess, Winslow is nuts, and Rudo is only half-normal. I’m sort-of the level-headed one in the group. I’m also the Network Administrator for the Treewiddle Tribune servers. I make sure the newspaper is always online and back up all our important files.

TT: You mentioned “Network Adminstrator.” How did you end up with such an important position?
HOLIDAY: Well, I like computers A LOT! It’s easy for me. I started when I was a baby. I like learning new software and making sure everybody gets to read our newspaper. It’s fun, but dealing with Winslow as Editor-in-Chief can be difficult sometimes.

TT: Can you list two personal strengths and explain each one?
HOLIDAY: um … Actually I think I have three personal strengths. My first strength is that I seem to be more balanced than my friends. They all act crazy in situations while I seem to think about things first.

HOLIDAY (cont’d): My second strength would have to be computers; I’m very good with them. I could read about them all day. My third strength is that I’m a good friend. Conrad and I are best friends, but trying to help him with his problems can be very frustrating. He never listens to me. Sometimes I just don’t understand him – especially with girls.

TT: Does the school give you too much homework? How much do you think they should give?
HOLIDAY: No. They give the right amount. I wouldn’t want more but I think any less and we wouldn’t get a good education.

TT: Your friend Conrad is a big Nature lover. How about yourself?
HOLIDAY: Of course I like Nature. We go for walks in the woods all the time. I don’t love it as much as he does but I also think it’s important to stop people from destroying all the trees and animals.

TT: Describe one time where you acted as a leader.
HOLIDAY: Everyone in the newsroom was arguing one day about a headline for a story, and nobody was getting along. Just a lot of yelling and screaming. I told everybody to calm down but no one was listening, so I pretended our servers got hacked and crashed. I’m the only one who knows how to get it back online but I said I wouldn’t do it until everybody stopped yelling. Then everybody stopped. It’s true what they say – knowledge is power.

TT: That was a very creative solution, Holiday.
HOLIDAY: Thank you!

TT: What job do you want when you grow up?
HOLIDAY: I want to catch computer hackers. That sounds like an exciting job! Hackers are very smart people and it takes someone even smarter to catch them.

TT: What do you think about kids your age smoking cigarettes, using alcohol, or drugs?
HOLIDAY: It’s stupid. I’ll never do it. There are some kids in our school the teachers don’t know about but they smoke cigarettes. They just seem stupid to me. Plus it smells.

TT: What about sports: do you participate in them?
HOLIDAY: Oh, yea. I play the same sports as everyone else. I like them all. It’s fun to practice and play games with everybody.

TT: Last question, Holiday. Describe your philosophy of life, if you have one?
HOLIDAY: It would have to be, “Everybody calm down, relax, and look around; you might find what you’re looking for.”

TT: Thank you for your time, Holiday. You seem to have a promising future. Best of luck this year.
HOLIDAY: Thank you! … and best of luck to you too!”

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