Children are no longer full of “snakes and snails” or “sugar and spice,”
they are drowning in the information age. Pre-teen magazines, reality TV, child actors/singers, 24/7 Internet, etc., are shortening childhood innocence.

KIDZ is a rambling documentary of life in Treewiddle – a town nestled somewhere in picturesque New England. The children are enrolled in Treewiddle Elementary School and live year-round in an on-campus boarding house. Most of the strip revolves around school-based activities: recess, classroom, school newspaper TheTreewiddle Tribune, hallway antics, holiday theatre, sports, after-school activities, science class, etc.

Under the misdirection of height-challenged Principle Devious — whose frustration at being confused as a student results in him wearing a name tag “PRINCIPAL” whenever he roams the school — the children exist in a world unto themselves where they succeed or fail by the strength of their own decisions. In their minds they are the ones who rule Treewiddle Elementary, not the adults.

— Doug