I have no idea how, when, or why it happened but somewhere along the boyhood road of life I stopped believing girls were gross :-P    …  but then I passed through my dating years (my Twenties) and I’ve returned to believing girls are gross … well, most of them, not all. The women actually.

Just kidding; guys aren’t exactly perfect either, and certainly could use a few more baths and teeth brushing.

Hormones really do screw up a male’s mind though. One year you’re running around the school yard seriously wondering what “girly cooties” are and if they’re dangerous, but then you return the next September, after a Summer break, and for some stupid reason you’re hoping-and-praying-and-wishing your teacher’s seat plan lets you sit next to a girl named Stacey, but YOU DON’T KNOW WHY YOU WANT THIS!!!!

(The Stacey part is autobiographical, and true LOL!)

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