I had to follow a little Yoda wisdom and ‘unlearn what I have learned ‘ with my mouse/keyboard ways but I finally got a comic strip done with my new Wacom Intuos4 tablet (medium). I started using it but it was like using my non-dominant hand to eat soup! But in conclusion I will say that using the tablet is VERY cool. Many thanks to my girlfriend for the gift!!

It has a level of customization that should suit most people’s fundamental Photoshop needs but it also works with any drawing/painting application. The pen is comfortable for drawing and editing, and the wireless Tablet allows you freedom to relax in your chair while working.

My favorite part was setting up the pen so the front “click” instantly selects the brush option, and the back “click” selects the eraser option. Combined with setting up the Ipod-like radial dial (which I set up to scroll brush sizes) I can draw with my right hand while changing brush sizes on-the-fly all without leaving the immediate drawing area!

If anyone has any questions about the Tablet, just post it in a comment and I’ll try to help by answering them based on my current knowledge.

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